A Dream I Never Thought Could Happen

I always loved the camera, but never had the confidence to turn professional. I always dreamed about becoming a professional but never had the confidence to make the jump until a series of unintentional moments that changed my life!

This is a long back story so lets start at the beginning!

Well 10 years ago I had just started my first job after Uni, working offshore in the Oil and Gas industry working within Geology, which I had studied at University. Strangely this was something I had always wanted to do as a kid in school! At first I thought this was a dream job, but it was not all I thought it would be. I had always been a keen amateur photographer, I always loved taking pictures and showcasing them as best as I could on multiple sites.

Fast forward a few years and my life changed in ways I could never imagine. I met, my now incredible wife, Jo. It was a meeting that should never have happened. I was supposed to be offshore, but a delay on the rig meant I couldn't go and through pure chance I met her at a local pub through a mutual friend.

Now how best to put this.... she was sat there drinking cocktails.... from a jug....... with a straw......

Yep thats it, the first time I met my wife to be was when she was sat there drinking cocktails, with a straw, from a jug. She offered me a chip from her plate too.... I turned it down! Even now, some 6 years on she still ribs me for that!

I carried on taking photos at any and all events until we got married. Then disaster hit...... We had a family-moon as our honeymoon to Menorca and on this trip the screen on my camera completely smashed and sand had got into the camera and messed up all the insides! Right there that was it. My camera was gone.......

Now in truth, at the time I was sad, but not all too disappointed. I had lost a bit of love for taking pictures and found that I just didn't have the time or willingness to do the work to edit the pictures I was taking.

A few years rolled passed and I hadn't picked up the camera at all. Then one birthday I got a surprise. Jo had done something incredible. She had tried to get my camera fixed, but it wasn't possible. But, she found a company that would part exchange it for a new one and I got surprised with a new camera!

At this time I didn't have any real interest in becoming a professional. I was actually looking to sell photos on Alamy, a large photo agency. As with many things, this didn't work out as planned....... A 3 year old girl changed everything!

I was practicing some new things in the garden when Sofia decided she wanted to gatecrash, and I got some pictures of her and thought, "wow, these look really good, like really really good". I got thinking and after talking with Jo looked to turn professional!

From that moment my life changed, my career aspirations changed completely and before I knew it I had a website and a Facebook page! The plan was not to shoot weddings, it was to photograph family and couples locally to me. With a bit of encouragement, I put out a launch offer to shoot weddings, and to my surprise the response was phenomenal!!!

I was so busy with enquiries and bookings and filled my calendar fast and got so many bookings for 2019 and 2020. I was there, I had become the one thing I had dreamed of doing and became a professional!

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